Stormy Night!

It was a dark stormy night Denise was awake When she heard a sound. It sounded like somebody was at the window "Boohh" somebody went, when she turn around there was nobody there. She started scearming that when she remind herself not to be afraid. When she heard it again "Boohh Boohh" she start to be more scared. She got really scared.when her mom called her she didn't come. And then her mom went to her room. Her mom sawed her under the bed scearming stop stop don't hurt me am just a pretty little girl and I don't want to get hurt and be ugly with your big nasty hand. And then her mom said what are you saying there's nothing there. you are just a cry baby. "stop that" she said  uh she woke up thanks goodness it was a dream she turned around iii she scream then she said oh obbler it's just you



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