Lightning hero


        It was a dark and stomy night and Cenou was waking and suddunely he got shock by lightning. There was a dark glow around cenou. He stared flying. He had a cut,it healed qiuickly.He ran home. When he was running he running fast like he was the wind.

         Than he disappear in his house. He went in his room to figur out what happen he thought and thought but he couldn't figur it out. Lightning shock right out of his hand he ran and made the lightning hit him . His friend Ashley came into his room to do home work. Cenou told her ever thing. When he was done telling her she fell. She got up got a bucket of water and pour it on him. he was in pain. Than they did there home work right when they were doing there home work Cenou was covered in lightning. Ashley ducked,it shot out of his hand. There a hole In the door. When they were done Ashley went home and cenou went to school.

      Cenou went to school, at gym class the dark glow.a boy name Sao bumped in to him. The whole class looked at him. He exploded (literally). Every body got hrut but Sao died.


He teleported to thisplace call elder god home. There were two people there they train him some guy came and I beat him silly.