This week we read the informational article "The Discovery of Fire" and the drama "How Coyote Stole Fire," a Native American myth. Using evidence from BOTH texts, answer the following question.

According to both texts, why is fire important to humans?

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- Mrs. Formus

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see below

see below

Aminah, You provided


You provided evidence from three sources. You used some evidence based terms, which is great!

Some of your verbs are the wrong tense which can make it confusing the read. Also there are some details that are irrelevant to the question, such as mentioning gas and oxygen.

Score = 3 (Extra Credit for using three sources.)

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

Humans Needs fire. Long ago

Humans Needs fire. Long ago humans didnt have any warmth to heat them up to humans they can't survive without  something warm.             

 People needed fire or a 


Humans Needs fire. Long ago

Humans Needs fire. Long ago humans didnt have any warmth to heat them up to humans they can't survive without  something warm.            

  People needed fire or a piece  


In both texts fire is

  • In both texts fire is important to human in all kinds of ways. According to the text, "The Discovery of Fire", fire gave human light,it allowed humans to progress in incredible ways. Homo sapiens discover and use it to keep them worm.
  • on page 23 in How Coyote Sole Fire it said' the chilldren might not live thruogh the winter. thats why in both text fire in all kinds of ways. 

Berlinski,  You used


You used evidence based terms! That's great! Also, you provided evidence from both texts. You showed understanding by restating the question and providing examples and you explained your reasons.

You could extend your answer by explaining more and making a connection with personal experiences.

Score = 3 

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

People use fire for many

People use fire for many things. For starters in the text "Discover Of Fire" fire gives us light.The homo saphiens was no longer activity limited to day light because they used fire as light.Light is very useful for if your going camping or if your power got cut off in your house. You would use fire to light a candle to show the light in your house. Not only does fire gives you light .I read in my story works  book "How Coyote Stole Fire" that fire gives us heat.and heat is a very important thing to people in the winter. Just like in " How Coyote Stole Fire"Story teller 2 said " They all gathered around the flames and warmed their bodies. People need heat because when the cold comes its going to be hard to stay warm without heat. Fire is an awesome source of many things. That's why fire is important to people

Jules,  You showed


You showed understanding of the question. You gave evidence from both texts! Great job!  I also see evidence based terms which makes your response organized and strong.  You also explain your evidence!

Please check your spelling and grammar when posting.  "Homo saphiens" should be "sapiens."  Also, some of your verbs are in the wrong tense. For example, you wrote, "Not only does fire gives you light." These errors can affect your meaning sometimes. 

In order to extend the text, you could have added a personal experience about fire.

Score = 3 

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

         Fire is

         Fire is important to humans because fire allowed our early humansto make things to survive.For example they made sharp tool to clear land for farming.On page 21 it said it help to keep predators and relled insect that have deadly diseases.According to the text it said also fire keep us warm to help our human body to evolve and it sheld our fur.                                                                              Fire is also important to humans because the man in the play in How Coyote Stole Fire was worried cause winter is coming.And the grandmother says that the children and her might not live throuth the deep chills.And the man wish that they had a pice of fire in their tent.So a coyote told them to rub two dry sticks and fire will appear.And from that day on humans stayed warm and safe during the cold.On page 25 it said they all gethered around the fire and keep their bobies warm.This is why fire is important to humans.                                                           

Guadalupe,  You showed


You showed understanding of the question. Your evidence based terms add strength to your response.  You also organized your response into 2 paragraphs. Great job!

In order to extend your response, you can add personal experiences to make a connection to the texts.

Score = 3

Mrs. Kimberly Formus