This week we read the informational article "The Discovery of Fire" and the drama "How Coyote Stole Fire," a Native American myth. Using evidence from BOTH texts, answer the following question.

According to both texts, why is fire important to humans?

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- Mrs. Formus

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Humans need fire to be warm

Humans need fire to be warm in the winter. According to the text, the story '' How Coyote Stole Fire'' the coyote stole fire for the people in the teepees because is getting cold because the winter is coming. The coyote didn't stole fire, the coyote made fire with wood. In '' The Discovery of Fire ''  on page 21, it said '' fire warmth helped people stay warm. If fire was not created we will freeze to death''. Fire is great for us because fire keep's us very warm. 

Will.I.Am,  You showed


You showed understanding by restating the question.  Also, you used evidence based terms! Great job!

Some of your sentences are incomplete and your verbs are in the wrong tense. 

Score = 3

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

According to the text fire

According to the text fire is important to people because it keeps people warm of the cold.It also can use it to cook.You see people don't have furr like animals.coyote stole fire from the fire beings so humans can be warm.Zeus send fire to earth to warm the people from the cold when it comes.The fire was discovers from people along time ago by rubbing stick and rocks.Fire is important to human in many ways.

Ashley,You showed


You showed understanding by restating the question.  You also explain your answer.

 I see your evidence, however, it is not clear where your evidence comes from.  If would have been helpful to add more evidence based terms and to state which text your evidence came from.

Score - 2

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

In both texts fire is

In both texts fire is important to human in all kinds of ways. According to the text, "The Discovery of Fire", fire gave human light,it allowed humans to progress in incredble ways. Homo sapiens discover and use it to keep them worm.

  • on page 23 in HowCoyote Sole Fire it said' the chilldren might not live the winter. thats why fire is in portant to humans in both text

Fire is important to humans

Fire is important to humans because it keeps it keeps them warm. In the play How The Coyote Stole Fire the coyote wanted to help the humans.In the story there were these fire beings and they didn't want to share there fire with the humans. So one day the coyote went to were the fire beings lived In scene 3 on page 24 the coyote stated yes because humans have no fur,winter is harsh for them. The coyote stole the fire and his friends the squirrel and the frog helped him take the fire to the humans.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               In  scene 6 on page 25 the wood swallowed the fire and the coyote knew how to make the fire with wood. He took two sticks and rubbed them togher and made fire for the humans. The next story about fire is The Discovery of Fire and these people called the Homo Sapiens had discovered fire. In the story it stated that fire would give us warmth. My last story is the story of  Promethes.According to the text a man named Promethes stated that even though earth humans were burning the wood,cooking their food, they were also staying warm in the flames.


Adrieanna,  I see that you


I see that you show understanding by restating the question. Also, you used some specific evidence based terms. You also used evidence from three different texts! Fabulous!

Next time, explain how your evidence supports your answer. Further, you can extend your answer by providing an example from your personal life.

Score = 3

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

Fire is important to humans.

Fire is important to humans. It is important to humans in many different ways but it is very powerful but useful.

         Long ago there wasn't any technology or buildings or even any transportation. But back then there were people there were called homosapiens. They were really hairy but not smart. But they discoverd something so powerful FIRE!!! Fire is very powerful like you could kill someon or even burn a hole area. But in other ways it is very useful like it can keep people warm or cook food.

         But like in how coyote stole fire coyote stole fire to help the humans because they didn't have any fur to keep them warm so he heard them say that they won't survive so they said in there minds if only had a piece of the sun. So if  coyote didnt steal fire they would have died so fire was very important.

            Fire is very powerful and useful but for people fire is important they can't live without fire. 

Alex,  You organized your


You organized your response very well!  Your introduction is effective and shows understanding of the question.  I see your evidence and you explained your evidence.

 You extended the text by retelling several ideas from the texts in your own words and SYNTHESIZING!!!! Great job!


Score = 4

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

Fire is important to humans

Fire is important to humans because with out fire humans would be frozen. And you can think about winter, winter is to harsh for humans like us. Because in the story of how coyote stole fire the coyote said that humans have no fur, winter is harsh for them. And in the story of discovery of fire they said that ''fire warmth helped the human body to evolve'', and with out fire the human race may never survive. And fire is not only important to humans but to animals. Because humans and animals can't survive with out fire even when animals have fur.