This week we read the informational article "The Discovery of Fire" and the drama "How Coyote Stole Fire," a Native American myth. Using evidence from BOTH texts, answer the following question.

According to both texts, why is fire important to humans?

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- Mrs. Formus

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Dave,You showed


You showed understanding by restating the question. It helps your reader when you use quotation marks. You also provided evidence from both texts.

Please make sure you capitalize titles of texts.

Score = 3

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

fire keepyou warm  thay

fire keepyou warm  thay stole the  stole the fire becuase to let them to be warm fire givethem ligh and heat


Anthony,You provided a piece


You provided a piece of evidence from one of the texts. You also showed understanding by clearly answering the question.

You did not use evidence from The Discovery of Fire article. Also please check your complete sentences

Score = 2

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

I think fire is important

I think fire is important because if people are cold because if people are cold and the fire will keep them warm. So they wouldn`t have to were so many jackets or coats. The author stated in the article '' it makes the caveman with warmth''. On page 25 story teller 3: said ''humans were warm and safe through the cold of winter''. Also fire is important from my life I don`t freeze up when I am camping. 

Kunmi, You showed


You showed understanding by restating the question. You provided evidence from both texts and used quotation marks. Great job!  You also gave an example from your own life.

 You must explain why your evidence supports your ideas and answer.

Score = 3

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

       Fire is important

       Fire is important to humans Because fire keeps Them warm .According to the text in scene 3 coyote says"yes because humans have no fur winter is harsh for them." This  came from "How coyote stole fire.                                        

       Based on what I read fire's warmth helped the human race may never have survived.I got this from"The Discovery of fire".

Asita,  You restated the


You restated the question and used evidence from both texts.

You need to explain your evidence more.

Score = 2

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

Fire is important to humans

Fire is important to humans because they need it in many ways. For example in the play How the Coyote Stole Fire it says, "The children and I might not live through the deep chill said grandma. I say that because in the winter it is really cold. Humans also need fire to keep there bodies warm. They also need fire to eat like for example they had a feast in the play For example fire is important to me because me and my family need to keep warm. According to the texts in the story "The Discovery of fire" it states that "we need fire because it gives us light." The humans needed fire because they need to do many things. for instance they made sharp tools, also cleared land for farming, and to scare off predators and repelled insects. When using fire for light. That is why fire is important to humans.

Tamyah,  Great introduction


Great introduction sentence! It tells the reader what you are going to discuss in your paragraph.  Also, you used evidence from both texts.  You also used some evidence based terms.  I think you explained your evidence really well and strengthened your response. 

Score - 3

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

Fire is important because it

Fire is important because it keeps you warm.With out fire your body well freeze to death.Fire can be dangerous but it can keep you from getting sick and dying.For example if  you were out side and it was winter the fire can keep you from geting sick and and dying.In the book called how coyote stole fire it said that fire keep you warm.Without fire people would die