This week we read the informational article "The Discovery of Fire" and the drama "How Coyote Stole Fire," a Native American myth. Using evidence from BOTH texts, answer the following question.

According to both texts, why is fire important to humans?

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- Mrs. Formus

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Fire is important because

Fire is important because ...... it gives us light warmth. Fire gives us light. Fire also allowed early humans to progess in incredible ways, from crafting sharp tools to clearing land for farming. Flames scared off predators and replied insect that carried deadly diseases. Plus, fire 's warmth helps the humanbody to envolve and shed it 's fur. Fire is also important because in the drama HOW COYOTE STOLE FIRE the grandma said that the children and her can't live throught the deep chill. That means that without fire you can get chill. And that's why I think fire is important.

AB,  You did show


You did show understanding by providing clear examples in response to the question.  However, your response is not focused, going off topic from discussing warmth, to using fire to clear land, to scaring off predators, and then back to warmth again.

You provided evidence from both texts.

Next time you will have to work on keeping your response on topic and focused on one idea.

Score = 2

Mrs. Kimberly Formus

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