Ms. Duvall

Hello, Forbes Road 6th grade student writers, to our eZine!

This eZine is an online magazine made just for our class. The purpose of having a class eZine is so that we can share writing with each other. We are also able to view the published work of students from other schools.

Everyone in our class will use the same username and password. The username and the password are the same: msduvallstudent. When you want to publish writing, you enter the username and password, give a title to your writing, put your name where it says "author," and choose a section for your writing. For example, if you are publishing a poem, choose the section "poetry."

To be able to publish here, you will need to turn in a signed permission slip, which I will be handing out to you soon.

Finally, your parents will be able to view this eZine by using our username and password.

I have never used this format for sharing written work before, and we will learn how it works together. It looks like fun!

Ms. Duvall