Coyote kills the giant


           In the story coyote kills the giant .coyote saves the people  that were inside the giants belly . Coyote was a lier as well as a adventure person . he met an old women and she said you better stop going that way or you'll meet a giant . but coyote  thought she was just a foolish old women . so he walked on intill he met a women  she was  weak and starving . he then met a whole bunch of people  much like the women he met . so he cut some  meat from the giants body and fed the people .he even gave some to the women he met . so thats how coyote became there hero .



Aminah, Your response is


 Your response is not focused. You say he was a liar and adventurous. I do not see any CLEAR evidence that supports your claims.

Score = 2

Mrs. Kimberly Formus