The Gods


There once lived three children named Neka,Moossan,Kasha.They were brother and sisters.Moossan is the oldest.The children were pranksters,they loved to prank people.Their parents once told them their lived some gods in the woods.Once you go in you never come out.They thought how about we prank the gods.They all went in the woods.They felt something watching them.BOOM! The gods captured them. The gods threw them prision.A squiral and an bird saw what happend so the teamed up.Frist the bird didn't want to team upo with the squial ,but the squiral promisedc the bird a whole life suppile of worms the bird said, "you got your self a deal".Squiral said "were going to need a plan a good plan".They made a plan.Frist they went in the back so none  of the gods will see them.They got in the castle, They frist went downstairs, then they saw a guard guarding the door.The squiral bit the guard and the bird just pecked the guard.The guard fell on the ground.Then they got in.They told the children to come on, then they left the castle.The children parents were looking for them.Then their parents came across them.They said,"they'll stop pranking and never go in the woods.Then their parents thanked t6he bird and squiral by making them their pets.They jumped up and down because the were rescued.They felt happy when the were rescued and sad when they were in prision. Neka,Moossan kasha said to their parents 'we'll always listen to you guys, and never disobay.

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