Little goat and rhino small save'd the day


One summer their was two kids, that was walking in the the woods to get to a village. The villagers was pretty sad, really sad, ''what's going on? said rhino small "one of the villagers responed that "the volcano is about to erupt." So little goat and rhino small had to make a plan, so the little goat had to use his nature powers,and rhino small had to use his crushing powers and he could move anything with his powerfull horns.The little goat move the ground and put trees in front, while rhino small move the volcano but they was to late then the big brown lava erupt so little goat thouth that he could freeze the lava so he did." Hey cried the villagers" "why don't you kids come to the feast tonight said a vllager, Ok said little goat and rhino small. Rhino small went to wax his horns while little goat meditate. Then it came really cold, "looks like summer came to winter" said little goat. Then the sun was back up and the lava was unfrozen, "get'em" said the villagers. "Hey what did we do" cried rhino small. stupied said a villager. Little goat and rhino small did not know what to do so they had to do the same plan that they did before exept for the part when little goat freeze the lava. So rhino small moved the volcano farther this time and litle goat moved the volcano again but this time he put more trees in the front.Then the volcano erupt but thanks to little goat and rhino small the day is saved.

                                                                                 THE END

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