There once was a group of birds that lived in the sky with the great Zeus.They were very beautiful and  blessed with a beautiful voice. All of these birds are very nice and kind except for one. His name is Santos. He is the badest of all.

So one day, Santos wanted to do something bad just for fun. So he snuck into Zeus secret room filled with treasures ,gold, and, spices. Zeus once told the birds never to go in there, but Santos never listened;as usaul. So  Santos snuck into Zeus secret room with a big bag in his hand.

Santos started filling the bag with gold, treasues , and spices. When he thought he was done he almost walked out until he found the golden crown.Zeus always told  the birds this  crown was very powerful. So Santos tried to take the crown but failed when the loud alarms came on. Zeus and is guards rushed into Zeus secret room. Santos dropped the bag and tried to fly as fast as he could. Zeus used his powerful magic powers. And locked Santos in a cage."NOOO"Santos yelled."Please let me out. I'm sorry!"Santos pleaded."NO"Zeus roared."You've did too many things that I never punished you for. But this is unexceptible and your going to get punished for this"Zeus said sternly.

Zeus used his magic powers to take away Santos beautiful skin and voice. Now Santos was black and had the worst voice like a crow . So Santos stayed in that cage from night and day. But most importantly he learned his lesson.










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