Atena's Anger


Once upon a time.....There was a goddesses named Atena .When she gets mad she makes a storm. Now this is the problem, she gets mad too much. The madder she gets, the stronger the storm is.  

      People were dying and homeless because of goddesses Atena .Now Pigeon on the other hand saw how the people were dying and the storms were destroying their homes .He knew that goddesses Atena was getting mad every time there was a storm .He wanted to calm goddesses Atena down. So he flew into the sky and flew and flew for 3 days and 2 nights. Then he finally found her. He found her in little office in the sky. With a gray dress on. ”What are you doing here “.Atena said.”Mooovvve you filthy creature “.She got mad. Pigeon tried to calm her down but she kept on chasing him away. ”Go stupid creature! ”Atena groaned.  

        "l want calm you down" pigeon said.” what calm me down "Atena said ."Yes, do you know every time you get mad you make a tornado hurricane or even a massive storm." Pigeon said. ”Me, no, never "Atena said not even knowing she is a stormaker.  "No, no, no you got me confused with someone else" Atena said. Pigeon got mad himself. "No I’m not confused you are "Pigeon screamed. "Oh! I have an idea .How about we go to land and I show you what a mess you did. "Pigeon said. Atena agreed assuring she didn't make the mess.

Atena followed pigeon to the destroyed houses. "Now see what you did pigeon argued. They argued and argued. Atena got mad easily. You can see a massive storm coming. The beautiful blue sky was getting covered by the gray storm. ”What am I supposed to do” Atena asked. “Try counting to ten” pigeon said as sweet as he could and so she did. She felt better than before. The beautiful blue sky was coming back. ”And try staying happy “pigeon pleased .But Atena was still mad. ”What makes you happy “pigeon asked. “Umm, helping people I guess. ”Atena said  .”Great you can help the people that you hurt .” pigeon said .Atena nearly help everybody off the streets. Her dress was beginning to light up.Her dress was no longer gray.Atena looked beautiful and happy. Atena would get mad every once in a while.



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