The Storm

One day a boy name Tyler came he had black eyes and also a shirt that said you rock on it Tyler lived on street called river street.He was walking in his front yard than for a moment he fealt strong wind blow into his face.He new a storm was coming.two girls named May and April. May the older sister had blond hair and.April the younger sister had red hair.may was outside and for a moment she strong wind hit her face she new a storm was coming to.Tyler went in his house but before he got in his house rain started to fall and Tyler heard thunder. People in the town saw the the storm water to fly up in air and some house were destroyed people stared to run but not May or April or Tyler they fealt stronger trees stared to move they were controlling it they stop the storm with the powers they had people saw the storm storm they all came back and they saw May,April and Tyler stop the storm people cheear for them.They will all ways be heors
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