Adventures of Shark-boy and Lava-girl


Once upon a time there was a girl named Emily every time she is mad she cathes on fire. She lives in a volcanoes to fill her energy.

Sharkboy in the ocean he is so powerful that the earth is terriblying. Emily and Sharkboy was on the same mission. They did not know each other yet. So the next day it was time for the mission they had to kill Mr. Electric so they went to their mission. One time Emily ran out of lava power by trying to kill Mr. Electric because he was destroying everyone's sweet dreams to nightmares.

Sharkboy is amazing he is so strong, stronger than me and he likes to do flips. "Boom Boom Boom",  boom boom the earth was trembling because Sharkboy was so powerful that when ever he swims the earth trembles. When Sharkboy came he saw her on the ground so he thought to him self maybe her name is hot girl because she is hot like fire. So he flys in the sky to throw her in the valcono.He thought to him self th

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