Active n' Healthy By Brittany Dennien

Ms J Howe

The Active n’ Healthy program at Mt St Michael’s recommends all students at the school to participate to create healthier choices for schools. Their goals are to increase the amount of healthy food at canteen and encouraging children to be more active and healthy.

Mrs Terrey, principal of Mt St Michael’s highly considers students aren’t getting enough nutrition in their diets. Mrs Terrey recommends all students to become more aware of what they are eating and how much exercise they’re doing.

The Healthy School program provides students to make good choices on what they eat, how to be health, what sports they could do to be more active, how to cook nutritious food and how much healthy food and not so healthy food the students eat every day.

Students from the school have quoted on this program as an excellent way to become more active and fit. They say being active and healthy is very beneficial because it helps people feel better mentally and physically.

The school thinks the students will benefit with a healthier attitude, higher self-esteem and a higher level of confidence. This program is a great experience for all students of the school and highly appreciates it if everyone participates in the Active n’ Healthy Program.