Is It Really Worth the Struggle for Korean Parents to Send Their Child to America?

Many parents from Korea are trying so hard to send their children to America. "Korea has a very strict education and their policies are the same as America but why are the parents so eager to send their children?," said Jenny Park, a Korean 9th grader currently attending the Bronx High School of Science.As a citizen in the U.S, she does not understand why Korean parents assume that coming to America will be the best choice for their children. "When I see Korean students in my school having a hard time because they just immigrated, it is really confusing for them because they are failing in school but they are trying so hard to please their parents' expectations. Some of the students in my school that immigrated have no shot for a high ranking college and I feel awful for these students," she said. " I think that parents should take this matter seriously because realistically, being successful in America is harder than Korea." According to the Center for Korean Education Development in Seoul, the answer to why parents are sending their children is pretty simple. Many parents are willing to send their children for more opportunity and freedom. "Even though Korea can offer an equal amount of chances, so many typical Koreans students are studying so hard for the college entrance exam that there is just too much stress," said Chosun Monthly times, a well-known newspaper in Korea. "While in Korea, they just look at that one test to accept students in colleges, American colleges judge the students on everything such as leadership and their grade point average." said Sang Hyub Kim, a senior in Bayside who was accepted to Cornell University this year. "I believe that if I was in Korea right now, I would definitely not have been accepted to an Ivy League school because the Korean students there are too motivated and smart." “SHE’S ONLY IN THE SECOND GRADE!” Though high school students are studying day and night, it is not only the students in high school that are suffering. According to a report in Chosun Daily News, a very popular newspaper in Seoul, Mrs. Chung, a cosmetic surgeon has a daughter only in the second grade who is already having enough stress from studying. After eight hours of school, she goes to an after-school program for extra subjects and comes home at midnight. "This is simply crazy. All the parents in Korea need to know that our children are not robots that eat, study and sleep." said Mrs. Chung. Though she is forcing her daughter to study to keep up with other parents in Korea, she secretly hates the Korean education system. She is looking for a person in America who can adopt her daughter. Los Angeles, California Where Koreans Move. The city the most Korean people immigrate to is Los Angeles. Peter Chang, a leader of the Korean Family Center says that the kids who are sent to America to live with Caucasian families often feel betrayed by their parents. He is very worried that the kids will become too emotional and will have psychological problems. While some people, like Chang, are generous and considerate of how the students feel, some other leaders in charge of putting students in a home are very heartless."They put students in a house with Caucasians so the parents from Korea won't have the privilege to talk to them because of their lack of English," said Yoon Jung Kim, a director of Olympiad Academy in Bayside, New York. "Some Americans that take care of the students will mock them and just receive thousands of dollars without keeping their promise to send the students to high ranking schools," said Mrs. Kim. "Despite the money they are given to raise the children, the real question is if the couples are willing to take care of the children even if they are not their biological children." More Immigration in the Future As years go by, more Koreans are immigrating to the U.S to avoid the stressful education system. This means that more Koreans will be in more states besides California. The parents at this point will do everything for their kids' education and are definitely willing to take risks even if it means not seeing their child for a couple of years. However, they are absolutely certain of one thing; the children will have a better future in America.