Myspace Fame


He calls himself "Jesus Christ with fake eyelashes" and "Queen of the Beautifuls". He has created a massive network of over six hundred and twenty five thousand people from all over the globe, acquired almost 25 million profile views in less than two years and twenty seven million music listens in a year and a half alone. In addition, he makes up Hollywood elites and is almost constantly written about in many online paparazzi blogs. Who is this phenomenon? ANSWER: Jeffree Star. Born as Jeffrey Steininger on November 15, 1988, Jeffree Star is the most common name that comes to mind when asked about Myspace celebrities. Having an abnormal obsession with his mother's makeup at a young age, Jeffree Star often snuck into Hollywood clubs with his fake ID and began his career as a celebrity make-up artist at the age of sixteen. While the other kids dealt with school and homework, JStar was out performing in music videos, hanging around mansions, doing celebrities'makeup, and making tons of money. "Sorry if we can't all be unoriginal" says JStar. "But I have a mold to break."

(ABOVE: Jeffree Star)

THE NEW LABEL: Prep. Emo. Goth. Geek. Those are only a few simple stereotypes we hear in our daily lives. Now this method of labeling has climbed another step- the Myspace Wh***. A new label is starting to grow as an online only label. A user on urbandictionary.com describes a Myspace Wh*** as- "Usually a female on Myspace who goes nights without sleep just so she can post comments, bulletins, and pictures. She will often skip homework so she can be on Myspace, and naturally gets on it once she's at school. She'll generally have over 1000 friends because she'll be posting really slutty pictures of herself and pictures where you can't see her face and she isn't smiling. Generally has the same taste in music as everyone else on Myspace and is constantly threatening to delete her Myspace account because she's begging for attention." Harsh isn't it? Then again many descriptions of other stereotypes can sounds just as negative yet they do not match their "description" at all. However, one thing is for sure, Myspace Wh***s are known for their almost absurd amount of friends on Myspace. Widely known Myspace Wh***s often have over thousands of friend and their number continues to grow. If you've ever seen a Myspace Wh***'s profile, you may also take notice of their exceptional amount of beauty. Often, Myspace Wh***s are also labeled as "scene kids" because of the similarities in hair, makeup, and clothes. Though some the photos of Myspace Wh***s are slightly photoshopped, most are the real deal taken by skilled photographers. Some examples of highly known Myspace Wh***s include Jeffree Star himself, Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth, Kiki Kannibal, Dakota Rose, Gaygod (Matthew Lush), and Alex Evan.

(LEFT TO RIGHT: Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth, Kiki Kannibal, and Dakota (Koti) Rose)

(Left to Right: Alex Evans and Matthew Lush)

You can visit their Myspace page by going on the following links:

Jeffree Star: http://myspace.com/jeffreestar

Audrey Kitching: http://myspace.com/audreykitching

Hanna Beth: http://www.myspace.com/loveandconfusion

Zui Suicide: http://myspace.com/zui

Kiki Kannibal: (not available- deleted)

Dakota Rose: (not available- deleted)

Matthew Lush (Gaygod): http://myspace.com/gaygod

Alex Evans: http://myspace.com/17974771

VANITY GROUPS: "The most elite and difficult group to be accepted on Myspace."-quoted from a perfection group on Myspace called "Vanity is Perfection", otherwise known as [VIP].(http://groups.Myspace.com/xvanityisperfectionx) As the community of the Myspace Wh*** grows, perfection or vanity groups are also starting to emerge. So what exactly are perfection/vanity group? Most perfection groups are basically Myspace groups that gather many Myspace Wh***s in one area and expose them to a wider range of people to obtain an in crease in their amount of friends. Certain vanity groups such as [VIP] have very high expectations. Often, these expectations are based of one's beauty and individuality. Vanity is Perfection started in October 2005 and has about 166 members currently. Ophelia Vanity, the moderator of [VIP], states that her group has approximately an acceptance rate of 1.2%. Around 250 Myspace users request acceptance into her group while only two to three are accepted. As many Myspace users apply for the group, Ophelia Vanity keeps the group member limit to only 200 members. Myspace Wh***s often use vanity group to achieve a greater fame for themselves and prove to others that they are "better." Just like the real world, the internet contains many competitions as well. You are either IN or OUT.

(ABOVE: one of the banners from Vanity is Perfection)

FAME&&FORTUNE: In some cases, Myspace Wh***s are able to achieve fame in the world outside of Myspace. Myspace is used all around the world which often benefits many Myspace Wh***s are their name and image spreads. While exposing their striking beauty, Myspace Wh***s are requested to enter the modeling industries. Audrey Kitching's, Hannah Beth's, Jeffree Star's, Kiki Kannibal's, and Alex Evans' modeling career all started on Myspace. Their small start rapidly grew into their instant fame. However, gorgeous people aren't the only ones with the ability to achieve. Many artists and bands with great musical talents started on Myspace too. Paramore's album "RIOT!" and single "Crush Crush Crush" have been recently climbing the charts of the music industry. Paramore consist of Hayley Nichole Williams (age 19, vocals), Jeremy Clayton Davis (age 22, bass), Joshua Neil Farro (age 20, guitar), and Zachary Wayne Farro (age 17, drums). Starting as a small band in Franklin, Tennessee during the year of 2004, Paramore became a member of Myspace since March 22, 2005. Paramore gained popularity with the mass network on Myspace as they started to be requested to play at local places. Soon, Paramore began playing many small gigs in and near their hometown. In late 2005, a member of Fueled by Ramen saw Paramore play at one of their gigs and immediately saw their talent. They then signed Paramore into their record deals and Paramore began releasing their music to the public. Currently Paramore's "Misery Business" and "Crush Crush Crush" is nearing the top of the charts of music. The small local band of Tennessee has grown into something much larger. Visit paramore's official website at http://paramore.net/ and their Myspace at www.myspace.com/paramore.

(Left to Right: Jeremy, Joshua, Heyley, and Zachary)

Myspace often is said to be a dangerous place to socialize with yet now there is a positive result from it. Whether someone is a Myspace Wh*** or a small band on Myspace, they can achieve great popularity and fame through the cyber world. This achievement can be quite difficult. However, one thing is for sure, Myspace fame is highly possible.