Pros and cons of new technology

Pros and Cons of New Technology It was a warm summer afternoon, thirteen year old Veronica Li and her seven year old cousin Dimitri Li were watching television when all of a sudden the cable shut off. They tried to turn it back on, however, it didn’t work. The lights were off, the fridge stopped cooling the food and the telephone could not ring. A few minutes later Dimitri’s parents (Alex and Ira) returned as they rushed from work. One of the problems was the fact that Veronica lived on the nineteenth floor. The parents had of Dimitri had to walk twenty flight of stair just to get to the apartment. Alex and Ira were bored and couldn’t do anything but listen to a wireless radio to keep updated on what was going on. They worried that their mom would come from work. Veronica’s mother finally came home from Manhattan. Luckily a mini-mart was still open and the family sat on the balcony listening to the radio. This is an example of how the city of New York is dependant on technology like television, cars, subways, elevators, and light bulbs.The world is completely dependent on technology. Many people would rather drive than walk 2 blocks to a neighborhood deli. Joey a witness of this foolish dilemma says “I once saw a man pay 2 dollars to ride a bus, only to get off 2 blocks later.” Frank a computer technician says “No important job can be done without a computer” Computers are used everywhere whether you’re a technician, engineer, scientists, lawyer, or doctor. Even small jobs are involving high-tech equipment. Even in a taxi car there are navigations systems that take signals from satellites in space.            Users of technology know the important role it plays in our lives. Most people can relate to the fact that they use machines to complete tasks we can’t or don’t want to do ourselves. Many people use technology in their everyday lives and can’t live without their cell phones or computers. New technology has many benefits but it has also caused many damages to our environment.             In our society, factory machines been assembling and producing everything that we use from toys to high-powered military equipment. All these machines have to run on a source of energy. Electricity not only powers the machines in factories, but common machines that we use in our every day lives. Machines such as the oven, the stove, the microwave, the dryer and or the washing machine are some basic household machines that are used consistently. Without a machine to complete the job the job never finished. We asked a man who has recently experienced a malfunction with one of his household items how he feels about the world’s dependency on technology. Paul comments, “I remember when my washing machine broke down a week ago. The clothes piled up for a week before the repairman came to fix it.”             Dependency on machines and technology has been a problem, however, there is a new problem as a result of constant and unsafe testing of new technology. Global warming is a result of cars with no filters that release toxic fumes into the environment. Only within the past few years have the people actually shown concern or considered to act. While this problem has consisted over the years, only recently have the factories installed filters in new products such as cars, planes, trucks, and other vehicles that run on oil. Unsafe scientific experiments to generate energy have caused great amounts of chemicals to be released into the Earth’s ozone layer. Currently, we are risking the safety our planet to power our machines, which we are so dependent on.              There are many benefits of technology as well. The internet is a glorious creation of technology that has been able to connect people around the world through the computer. The internet is a good source of informational research and place to share our ideas. TVs and radios keep us updated on news and important information. The internet has unimportant and unnecessary websites as well. With machines to accomplish our tasks we have a lot of free time. When our lives are easy with so much free time, we look for something to occupy ourselves. Instead of working, we sit in front of a television and watch it all day long or play video games. If we aren’t in front of the television we are sitting in front of a computer playing games over the internet.            New technology is important but our dependency is causing many problems in our society. If we can’t lower the amount of times we use machines and technology there will be consequences such as global warming. To help the cause, everyone should try to cut down on the times we use  our phones, dyers, and other machines.   Bibliography  www.bizhelp24.comnews.digitaltrends.comtech.yahoo.comhttp://its4us2think.wordpress.com/2006/12/0715http://www.edu.gov/about/offices/list/os/technology/plan/national/benefits.html