Is Pressure From Parents and Peers Worth It?


How does pressure affect teens?

written by Wei Bin Wang


            I had to turn off MSN at 8 o’ clock that day and shut down my computer. I had to bid farewell to my friends and I told them I’d see them again tomorrow. Why? My parents would just kill me if I earned anything under a 95 on the next test we had. My friends told me to meet them again after school, and my parents would be worried if I had stayed at school too late. It’s hard to choose between whose advice I should really follow.

This is an example of both parental pressure and peer pressure. They both exert a lot of tress when they are used together.

            Pressure can come from friends and parents during the ages of puberty. The children’s brains are still developing and thus this kind of stress can damage and make them temporarily lose control over themselves. During puberty age, teens are influenced by the friends they have made and the parents that they have. Peer pressure and parental pressure are stress that can impair a teen’s ability to make the right decisions.

            There was once a boy, 9 years old who was playing nearby at the Redwood City School. His mother, agitated grabbed him and had escorted him into her car.

 "She asked him what he thought he was doing and proceeded to tell him all in one breath that he would never get into a good university or have a good job if he spent all his time playing and goofing around," said Jim Dassise, a parent who watched the episode unfold. "He should be more like one of his friends, who spent his time studying and having good grades." The words he was told can be seen as harsh and unnecessary, seeing it implies to the suggestion that he is considered a minor compared to everyone else including his friends.


There was also a situation in school when one of the “coolest” kids in a persons class was saying "Come on! ALL of us are cutting math. Who wants to go take that quiz? We're going to take a walk and get lunch instead. Let's go!" This kind of peer pressure persuades a person to make the wrong decisions. If peer pressure such as this is constantly administered to a teen, a part of their brain-the part that controls change over their environment starts functioning and change the way the person thinks. If a teen is pressured to smoke constantly, they will start to think that’s the way other people are and they will try to blend in.  It is then that the teen starts making bad choices and unwise decisions.

On the other hand, however, talking with friends and classmates would benefit you in some cases in relieving stress. As a normal part of teenagers' lives, there many obstacles, some being school grades, projects, demands, or problems about other people around you. Talking to other people is a way of communication as well as a good way to share ideas, beliefs, and opinions. It would help someone feel much better if he gets to share his situation with people whom he can trust to understand his life as well as him with theirs.

a teenager is being pressured to smoke

Parental pressure is simply stress on a student that parents exert on them to try to make them succeed. It switched a student’s social abilities with intelligence. Children that undergo intense parental pressure don’t like socializing as much as children that don’t get as much parental pressure. They don’t hang out or anything-they just stay in their house, play around on their computer and study for the whole day after school.

            Some kids actually need more parental pressure as they start becoming weak to peer pressure and they start developing bad habits, as well as considerably failing all their classes and not doing any of their homework. Parents control a big portion of their child’s life and they should administer just the right amount of parental pressure to make their children care about succeeding, have a good part of their life, and not be totally buried in stress.

            Statistically, as shown in the chart, parents in the United States administer too little of an amount of peer pressure when parents in India, and Asia, especially China, administer too much pressure. Teenagers should all have the same environment without all the differences pressure administration from their parents and their students. If everyone was given the right amount of parental pressure, then they would all want to succeed, and still not be too wild and all have a great part of their life as teenagers. chart on parental pressure comparisons between countries