Alien existence


     Eighteen year old Ralph Carnahan was sitting on his family’s porch in the south east Missouri town of Zalma at night. Ralph was on the phone with his girlfriend, while in conversation Ralph started seeing strange lights. “In front of me was a pair of bright lights in the sky; one light was red and one was white, “He says. “The other pair off to my side both were white.” Ralph tells his mom and her boyfriend to come when they do they don’t think anything is wrong, Ralph’s mom and her boyfriend go back inside the house but Ralph doesn’t. He noticed that the lights were moving toward him then to the tree, he sees a brownish- green creature with real big eyes sitting in the tree. The minute he see it Ralph immediately goes in to the house and calls his mom and her boyfriend, when they came outside Ralph pointed out where the “creature is” the second Ralph’s mom and her boyfriend look it “blends” with the tree. They didn’t see anything so they went back in the house, Ralph sees was is claim to be and space ship UFO in other words. So he goes back where the alien in the tree is Ralph goes back into the conversation with him “That alien is looking at me”. “Throw a rock at it or something”. That’s what Ralph did he missed but it caused the alien to move he ran inside the house. When he went inside Ralph claims that objects in the house where moving as if a curious child was looking at them, He believes that the aliens were transparent he can “barely see them”. At 5am there was an “alien but it didn’t have big eyes it was red and had black markings on it self the alien was “tall”. Ralph woke up his 16 year old sister she looked at the alien and cried and went to her mom’s room. When they came back they were gone. Ralph’s mom doesn’t believe either one of them.           

    Astronomer Philip Plait is tired of radio personality Richard Hoagland's claims. He's had enough of Hoagland's assertions that NASA is covering up evidence of extraterrestrial life, that the infamous Face on Mars was built by sentient aliens and, of late, that otherworldly machine parts are embedded in the red planet's dirt. Richard Hoaglands a radio host that has some kind of connection with the NASA claims that aliens exist based on the evidence found on Mars. On Hoagland's web site, there are several images from various space probes said to possibly show evidence for E.T. which stands for Extra Terrestrial. ET. Recent Mars rover photos include not just rocks, Hoagland and other contributors maintain, but common objects that might tell of alien civilization -- a bowl, a stove, a piston.


Alternatively, the evidence may exist but we, the public, are simply denied access to it by the BIG GOVERNMENT on earth. Reports of UFOs sighting and close encounter have been occurring around the Earth over the years. Undoubtedly, some alleged sightings are fake, but there are many that cannot be categorically dismissed. On balance I tend to belief in the existence of UFOs.

If UFOs is real, then why is government denying them? Is there a conspiracy to keep this a secret? But why keep it a secret? Some possibilities are:

(i) The government(s) concern want to keep it a secret so as not to disrupt human society, which may be too fragile to risk exposure to the news that aliens exist and are routinely visiting the Earth. Imagine what would happen to the religions- which is a very important aspect of our society- on Earth if the existence of aliens are confirmed;

(ii) Government(s) may have in their possession aliens technology, which they want to reverse engineer so as to gain an advance technological edge over rival nations. This gives them military advantage and hence power, dominance and influence. Such technology could be in the form of crashed landed spacecraft. A former scientist who worked on the US government's most highly classified projects, Galileo, claimed that the US is in possession of at least 9 such crafts)

(iii) In addition to the military advantages that such technologies could bring, government(s) could have incentive to keep alien’s technologies secret to protect the economy- an important backbone of modern society, For example, revelation of technologies that can produce unlimited amount of energy would wipe out the oil industry overnight. Given the importance of this industry, the whole economy would collapse. Social crisis would arise. Political infrastructure similarly would crumple.

According to all the evidence alien existence might possibly be true, but you're never 100% sure you never know.